Digital training courses for beginners

‚ÄčAt least one in five adults in Ireland has never used the internet. The BenefIT schemes aim to reduce this by offering practical training in basic digital skills. 

Training focuses on the digital skills people need – how to use email, do an internet search, use services like Skype, conduct simple on-line transactions like book a ticket or pay a bill, as well as optional training in more advanced areas. Courses are delivered through community and voluntary organisations and are offered at low cost or are free.

Access an interactive map to find out what courses are available in your area. 

To apply, Email:

Partial Capacity Benefit

Partial Capacity Benefit is a social welfare scheme which allows you to return to work or self-employment (if you have reduced capacity to work) and continue to receive a payment from the Department of Social Protection.

If you have been getting Illness Benefit (for a minimum of six months) or Invalidity Pension and wish to return to work you may qualify for Partial Capacity Benefit if your capacity for work is reduced by your medical condition.

You will qualify for Partial Capacity Benefit if your restriction on capacity for work is assessed as moderate, severe, or profound. If it is assessed as mild you will not qualify and your continued eligibility to Illness Benefit or Invalidity Pension will also be reviewed.

Participation on the Partial Capacity Benefit scheme is voluntary and you may return to Illness Benefit or Invalidity Pension if, for example, your employment ceases or if you find you cannot continue to work.

You do not have to transfer onto the Partial Capacity Scheme if you wish to do voluntary work.


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